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Heidi Howcroft, Marianne Majerus.

The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland

100-best-gardensJune is, without doubt, one of the best plantswomen in Ireland. June’s new garden is a rare treat, a modern garden that draws in the visitor and wraps them in flowers, welcoming yet stylish, and an example of virtuoso and expert plantsmanship.
Shirley Lanigan, The 100 Best Gardens in Ireland.

The Living Garden

the-living-gardenThe Living Garden - A Place that Works with Nature
The Living Garden, Jane Powers.

Garden Heaven

The Planting is strikingly experimental…
Tim Longville, Garden Heaven.

In an Irish Garden – Hortus

It’s stunningly good. This must be the most thoughtful, the most lavish, successfully modern, interpretation of that classic icon of gardening, the herbaceous border, that you are ever likely to see.
Peter Dale, In an Irish Garden…Hortus.

The Irish Garden

The effect is startling in its beauty like the spilt contents of a jewellery box
Fionnuala Fallon, The Irish Garden.

The Irish Times

There are few Gardens in Ireland of which I never get tired, and to which I like to return again and again.
Jane Powers, The Irish Times.

The Irish Times

It is the intense indigenousness, combined with June Blake’s perfect eye, that makes this garden one of the most comfortable in its skin that I have ever seen.
Jane Powers, The Irish Times.

The English Garden

Her style and attitude are modern and instinctive, and rather unique…
Stephanie Mahon, The English Garden.

The Sunday Times

June Blake’.s Garden is that rare thing, a plant collectors paradise with a strong design framework. The planting is bold, brave and brilliant.
Jane Powers, Sunday Times.

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